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    Very well articulated - However this only represents a whisper in the ears of the developers - shouts are needed, which requires tens of thousands of comments supporting Kai Richter's efforts. Consider this post mine.

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    Me Agree <<<That ryhmededededed
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    support article of kai richter....need something new......

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    Chris Greenfield:

    Well that sucked i tried to add a post on Kai richters post and the forum refused to load my post so if some body nice would post this on my behalf i thank you @@@

    I am a level 115 player but even i can see the merit of this group and what they are asking for is for dc to understand one thing that the game know sucks for players in the level 500 and above bracket.
    Even at my lowly level i am beginning to get bored of the rubbish that is thrown our way with each theme week getting beyond stupid and looking like it was thrown together by omhpa lumpa's on there tea break.

    Where is the game we all started out playing going to go this week is the question on most players lips each week and what do we get ????
    The same gold grabbing rubbish each week, for god sake dc do away with the whole gold for buildings idea it does not work any more.

    I posted idea's on the forum wall and so far nothing has appeared within the game like rotatable buildings,Premium packs of at least 5 buildings for 250 gold your prices make xbox 360 look like chip change $25 for 3600 points which is more than enough to buy 7 complete expansions for a game, fallout 3 new vegas for example.

    If you want to keep your players interested then work for our money don't just sit there taking us for granted because if you do you will go the way of the dino's extinct with in 6 months and at this rate i don't even give you that
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    Denise Bergman:

    I agree with Kai ,, The game has become boring. I can not get ahead. Iam at level 300. A lot of my MC friends have stop playing. Their cities are gone. I have been thinking of myself to stop playing. All I do is click. I used to spend hrs upon hrs, playing this game. I do not any more. Please listen to your players, You need Players,, to have a game,, remember this.
    Started MC Oct. 2010

    KayCity 06.05.2013
    Level 1002
    CV 10.8 Trillion

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    Nice thread Kai i'm with you
    I will repost what i wrote in my group yesterday as i think it says what i want to say on this subject'
    DChoc with there MCity are not thinking or they are just out of touch with what they should be doing. I always thought the aim was to design theme weeks for different level players, but what they fail to understand is that there's a much higher level player that needs what we've been saying all along HUGE 10 20 50 100 BILLION DOLLAR BUILDINGS ,but they don't care so what can we do - keep collecting useless game dollars with there never being anything to buy.. NO THANKS.
    If DChoc needs to know what stats are fare give the experts (the Veterans) a call/ message and we'll let you know..
    We understand the stats need to be lower then the jewel tower because people pay real money for that so keep the stats just under that.. ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE
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    Donna Boening Kwiecien
    I am unable to post in the forum as I am not registered and prefer not to at this time, but if someone wants to post for me, my comment is I have been playing for almost a year now and yes...getting very bored, tired of so many items requiring the use of gold and ongoing issues regarding the technical problems...many of the people I "met" on MC have blocked the game and I am sadly nearing that point. It is disheartening to see how this happens and how it can upset people...there are enough problems around the world...we should be able to have an opportunity to relax and have some fun....thanks!

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    Jim Calabrese
    I too have tried to post to the forum, but it will not let me. If someone could post on my half, I would appreciate it.

    When other games release updates, they are always for the highest level player with the lower level players always trying to catch up. Has DC looked at their tips and
    strategy guide lately. We have studied them and planned our cities to become billionaires and trillionaires. Now there is nothing left. Its game over.

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    I so agree I have been playing since almost the beginning. I am tearing down and rebuilding with lesser buildings just to have something to do and change the look of my city. I have invested over $150 and probably $200+ in actual real money into this game and refuse to invest one more penny until some major changes are made. When will we be able to build on the beach side lots before they said that was an error and took it all away.

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    I agree with Kai in that it is time to make changes for the benefit of all players. While different buildings, expansions and so on would be nice, there are also many other things, easy things, they could start with. While they may not add any challenge in the building sense, they would certainly streamline my game. Things like: Why do we need to keep 99 items before we can sell them? Just add a sell all button. Same goes for all the gifts that we accumulate but never use...the hundreds of blossom houses, trees, flowers etc. If we don't need them or can use them, just sell them all.
    But in the end, the game does have to be more challenging that it is at moment for higher players, because at this point, we can take it or leave it...all we do is collect, set rent, and help others.

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