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    Default IN PROGRESS Disconnections, Internet Errors, Crashes, etc..

    When I am justs startin to attack a persons planet sometimes a message pops up an then reloads the game...however I loose everything all the people that I deployed even though it restarted. At first it was no big deal because it only happened maybe once a week but it has started happening multiple times a day

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    Yeah the whole "starcoffee" thing that reboots the game is annoying and happens alot but not much can be done unless the makers put out an update with less bugs. As for loseing your troops once you beam them down to the planet thats it, its strategy based. So you gotta be as efficient as possible. I know its stupid how you lose your troops when the game forces you to reboot but its something we have to just live through right now

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    Oh ok that makes sense I just wanted to put a bug in their ear so they knew
    ....it is annoying but It isn't the worst thing ever

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    Oh believe me I hear you. Im currently unable to access my game right now It crashes as soon as I press play

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    Me to perhaps they are doing maintenance

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    Angry Starcoffee

    Yep, this is soo annoying. Lost chips that I paid for to speed up army training and power potion to strengthen army. Tried again after retraining army and happened again. Not first time. Will wait for response. Until then no more chip sales from me.

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    Hey guys,

    server stability and performance improvement is our top priority, following updates should make these errors more rare.

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    Default FIXED/ IN PROGRESS Disconnections & Internet Errors

    This already happened 3 times to me. I attack another player and just as I am about to kill their base, I get disconnected. It is extremely frustrating as I lose lots of troops, but they also someomes get the shield and all my effort up to that point is wasted! Just today I disconnected just as I was about to defeat a starbase, after having killed all his turrets and stuff. He then got a shield and went online, so I ended up losing over 100k in possible resources, troops from 3 consecutive attacks were wasted and I did not kill the base... Alsolike I mentioned before, this is not the first te it happened and I usually have a very good connection. Please fix this as it is ruining the gameplay for me an I cannot finish my 3rd worker :/

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    Heya Missle,

    We are aware of the poor server performance in the current version, we expect to have this issue pretty much fixed with the next update, which is around the corner I'd say, thanks for the report Missle.

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    Default Disconnect from game.

    Cancellation on upgrade process of mines and compact houses will be affected.

    Upgrade compact house/mines
    Cancel the upgrade
    Collect coins/mineral

    This will cause the game disconnect.

    Currently I'm stumbled another similar issue in army production building but not sure how it happened.
    I could not login to the game after I clicked play button from the main menu.
    Music plays but the loading screen where my planet rotating does not appear. That where I'm stuck there forever.

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