Hi. Here are a few tips for when starting, or adding friends. These are a few suggestions to make things easier and on your new friends.

  1. Before posting an issue, question etc, please search the forum 1st. Sometimes the same questions are asked repeatedly on forums.
  2. Don't repair all your Plank fences, until required. This may come back and bite you later.
  3. Looking for Diary Pages? They can be hiding behind fences, buildings OR UNDERNEATH PAVEMENTS.
  4. When visiting a neighbour, and you see they have zombies fenced in a box. Do not touch them. they have them fenced in for a reason. That is trying to destroy their own plank fences. Maybe pickup rubbish instead, or clean up weeds.
  5. Looking for screws? So are we all. You may need to buy the balance of the mission. Otherwise, Salesmen & Rubble.

I stand to be corrected. Other hints could be added. This could be a sticky.