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    Default banned the pp's hackers

    boss gordon,
    why you let this people destroy your game there is a lot of huge stat fighter playing in your game(MMaProFighter) i dont think they buying pro points in the ring girls...i hope you help us and those people have legit fighter

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    its been months since these ppt hackers taking over mma.idk what will dc do but most of the ppl we know quit mma bc of hackers.i feel ur pain bro.in platinum leagues nobody will never win a cup bc of their monster stats.

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    and them or myself have been here from start 3 yrs now, i use to compete and spoend lots especially in old league system fighting fuckuup ive personally prob spent 4-5k on game over years give or take but wont no more due to all the ppl hacking friends list/background,supplies etc. i earned my background, shorts etc ledgit hence y i wont reset for 7th time because i dont want to loose them all not everyone is a hacker guys, simply enjoy game play, and try and win cups its very gratifying when you can get good game plan an beat pp buyers.

    2010 old league: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?p...e&id=878090289
    One of the first of 3 to win 3 Gold Belts in the old league play + Gold Shorts
    & 2 Gold Belt Background and Gold tattoo Old League Gold Wins Proof

    Total tally aprox 95+ Belts & Trophys Combined over the last 3 years with my fighters.

    AKA Yo-Gotti
    AKA Prophet
    AKA YG

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    I THINK ur right i see some one and hes in lvl 30 and he have 1000 helth and 1000 cordio thats not fair these hacking people destroyed tha game man they need to banned bro

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