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    Post Millionaire City v0.639 || AMERICAN WEEK

    Hello Millionaires -- It’s American Week!!

    With everything from the land of freedom: American Week is here!

    Seize the opportunity of spending some time in one of the most colorful and vibrant countries of the world!

    Stunning new items such as One Liberty Place, Woolworth Building, Eagle Monument, Mount Rushmore and much more...

    Play Now: http://bit.ly/Americanweek

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    Not a bad effort, however i feel mount rushmore should be a wonder and there should be the original world trade centre towers

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    Congrates on yet another Pathetic week only tailored to the new players. The vets are falling off one by one and the ones that are still here only collect every couple of days and once my gold is gone I will be doing the same unless I join all the others that have just blocked the game. I am not holding my breath for the major update you promised us either.

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    Hello Millionaire's
    Here I have made the update of all stats for the new week ''American Week'' for you all, hope you will like it
    Please download the following link for all items stats of Millionaire City game

    Spreadsheet :-

    American Week.xls

    You can also view all stats without any download now , please follow the link

    Cheers ,


    Feel Free to contact me on Facebook

    Here I have made the update of all stats for the new week ''Christmas and New Year Week'' for you all, hope you will like it
    Please download the following link for all items stats of Millionaire City Game

    Spreadsheet :-

    Christmas and New Year Week.xls

    The MC guide

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    I know I'll feel like an outsider talking here, since I'm not playing this game for over 4 months, but I can understand you guys' frustrations. I would just like to point out one thing: even though MC is doing repeat weeks(the names being same), with items not satisfying the vets of the game, I can't help to appreciate the fact that MC devs are bringing new looking contents every week, no matter what they are priced at. The previous complaints of the users were lack of new buildings, and that part is well taken care of. I say, give 'em some more time, enough for that new "Big Update" Ron's talking about, and perhaps, all your complaints will be met
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