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    Thumbs down Can't kill Killin' IT mission

    So, I finally won a weekly tournament and when I click the mission icon, sure enough the "Win one weekly tournament" box is checked. However, I have to go back and check the tournament board to get the other box checked. Once this is done the mission is completed and I am awarded the points and money, and the mission box goes away. Great, you say, what is the problem?

    However, if I leave the game and log on again, the mission box appears again, and the money and experience have been removed!!! I decided to be clever and use the experience to advance a level (thinking that that would be hard to reverse), but this only resulted in a persistent connection error.

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    Howdy michas

    This issue has been reported and will be fixed.

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    I wonder if there is an update on the status of this problem. I have the same issue.

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    I have won 2 times already and still can't complete the mission.

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    You can see by the look on the Sheriff's face that he has no answer's i think he's a bit
    Boomtown : BLOCKED Sad to say but this game ends around level 80 to 100
    Millionaire City : setting 3 day contracts

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    It's very sad that I left the game for 2 1/2 weeks and still no updates, new missions and NO FIXes!

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    i am also having trouble here, except, i am exactly 40 xp from lvl, and every time after i turn in/finish quest, i get message saying "sorry partner' it seems bandits are shooting the network connection! click to reload Gangs of Boomtown" and i cant get any further, is a continous loop, i reload page, re-finish quest, and get stuck again =( , is it gonna get fixed, or is the game busted and unplayable after you win duel mission? if so would suck, as i WAS enjoying the game up to this point

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    Still not fixed, but really doesn't matter as there is nothing else new to do. This seems to be a pattern with this company. Zombies is finished too, with Santas and elves from last Dec. They manage to keep Millionaire going, but without major updates. My guess is that its cheaper and more profitable to develop a new game than look after the old one. One takes the risk, however, that gamers will get turned off to the company and not try their new games.
    As to your question psa415g5; you can probably continue the game and upgrade your level (if you really want to) in other ways; just don't click on the duel status line to refinish quest (see my original post).

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    update: I see that they are making some fixes to the program, which is good, but this is still not fixed. Also, the "coming soon" features have never come. I check every so often on this game and plug away at Millionaire every couple of days but will not try new games from them.

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