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    Lightbulb i love it!!!!

    i loved the link you posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pmac View Post
    I have posted my request to join. I am not the general or captain at the moment but I am an unusual situation as I appointed a general for the alliance and captains as well. Hopefully you know me well enough to accept my application.
    pmac because you left your covenant that you were created, and as she struggled
    the shield you get when just war does not work that no one answer me

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    I sent my request this its a very good idea

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    we need more alliances!! please join us

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    we have 35 alliances all non cheating alliances who do not use refreshers. please join in on the fun

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    Sent request......just left an alliance and started my own, 7 deadly sins, dont let the low #s fool you

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    I sent the request

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