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    Question Missing Olympic items - after todays update

    Hello DC,

    I saw, today was an update in MC. But now we have only four Specials from the Olympic week. Where are the other items, Olympic House, Manhattan Loft Gardens, the Olympic Rings...???
    Today I want to buy and build the Manhattan Loft Gardens, but I can't find it anymore!! And it should have 10 days left...

    What is wrong? Please DC, explain it. Or give us these items back, we are missing now.
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    Yes, I guess it must be done by mistake

    Hope to see all those items back ASAP

    Feel Free to contact me on Facebook

    Here I have made the update of all stats for the new week ''Christmas and New Year Week'' for you all, hope you will like it
    Please download the following link for all items stats of Millionaire City Game

    Spreadsheet :-

    Christmas and New Year Week.xls

    The MC guide

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    I'm having the same problem. Planned on buying both olympic stadiums today after collecting some rents, but they were gone this morning. Any ideas on when we'll get these items back, since they haven't expired yet?

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    Hello Millionaires

    We are sorry about it and we had to do it.

    Some of the Olympic week items were removed due to some potential Trademark issue.

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