Note: By Batteries I mean the red and blue things you need to upgrade the Star Base, not sure if that's what they are.

So my main Star Base is lvl 5, my 2 colonies are lvl 3, I need 6 batteries to upgrade my main star base, and 3 batteries to upgrade one of my colonies, my question is: should I save and upgrade my main star base?, or should I upgrade my colonies first?..

Also, in my experience once I get a battery from recycling, I don't get another one for a while, no matter how many more objects I recycle, from my experience I'm guessing it has a 12 hour ¨cool down¨before you get another one?, if a dev. could confirm this o give us a hint on how the battery farming works it would be much appreciated.

Also I got a battery from an object once (the 4th I recycled on that session), but as soon as I recycled it and got the battery I got dropped because I lost my connection. When I logged back in I recycled the object that gave me the battery first, and I got it without recycling the other ones. My question about this is: The objects get their loot wen they grow?, or was it just a coincidence and they all have a certain drop rate?.

Thank you in advance!