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    Angry PENDING Attacked While Online

    I can't attack other players while they are online.
    Why can they attack me while i'm online and playing the game?

    It has happened 3 times now. (it just happened again)
    I have reported the first 2 times tough the ingame support.
    But from the reply from them it sounds like they don't understand the problem.
    All they say is: "

    Thank you for contacting us.

    If the player is attacked then the coins and minerals will be zero if all the buildings are looted by the attacker.

    Dchoc Customer Support
    That is not the problem.
    The problem is that they can attack me while I'm online to begin with.

    It always goes like this:

    I'm online, building my army and doing some building upgrades. Suddenly I lose some recourses and some of my building suddenly get damaged or destroyed. I get a "You got attacked" message followed by a "Space coffee spilt" message with an app reboot.

    I can see in the battle replay from the second online attack that is lasted 5½ minutes. The server has remembered all my actions in those 5½ minutes (The built queue I made just as this happened was still where)

    I don't see the battle while the attack is going on.
    It is like the sever let another player attack me in the background and only show him/her the battle.
    But when the battle is over the server updates my colony, so I get all the damage in an instant while I get the "You got attacked" and "Space coffee spilt" messages.

    Of cause I can't revenge the attack because the attacker is online! Just like I was then they attacked me!!!

    It is very frustrating that they can attack me while I can't attack back on the same terms


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    Hi there,

    Yeah, Support ticket people are.. Well.. Known very well for their absolutely fantastic First Class service (although Premium is a lot better). As for your issue, this an interesting one. It seems like the server or the client isn't connecting with the sockets and therefore when someone attempts to attack you, the server says "Hey, the guys not online - go ahead" without querying th client, and when the client recieved the attack log, it's like "But I've been connected!? Gah! I don't know what to do.. Um. Self destruct!".

    I'll get someone to investigate.
    Account ID and iDevice Info please

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    Galaxy Life: Pocket adventures, ID:G:1164502408, v1.3.4
    Player name: ElectroFisK

    Are this the information you need?

    Some bonus information:
    Device: iPad 2 WiFi 32 GB
    Model: MC770KN
    iOS version: 5.1.1 (9B206)
    iOS language: Danish
    Connection Type: WiFi
    Internet connection: 40/4Mbit Cabel rounter (IPS YouSee)

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    Bonus Info? Woo! Extra Points!

    Thanks, I'll get someone to have a lookie'

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    Your awarding bonus points now, nice. Btw can we spend them or they just for show and tell?
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