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Thread: Ignore Button?

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    Question Ignore Button?

    I have one person say they will not send any shotgun! Next day he got shotgun. Please give back the Ignore Button!


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    Default Ignore Button?

    I miss the ignore and don't accept buttons also.

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    Same here -- I've got over 3500 rounds of shotgun ammo, and it's all unneeded gifts.

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    Yes, PLEASE get the IGNORE button back. I get like 750 worth of energy everyday and 250+++ of shotgun ammo. It would make me so HAPPY to have a choice of accepting or ignoring

    Why must we accept all???

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    What would be even grater? If there was some kind of filter for what messages you would like to get
    In the option menu you would have a setting under message that you could have this check boxes for:
    Energy drinks
    Help ( But i guess most people would like to have them ) So... In the help category I think of things like cement, bazooka, the buildings in down town and so on.

    That way you didn't have to click ignore, because you will never see those messages

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    In the Google Store there is a free app called G+ Game Companion. It sorts the stream by game and then allows you to create and save multiple filters. It also allows you to use the circles to select people to send gifts to or request cement etc from. It automates the collection of bonus and gift messages by opening multiple tabs automatically.

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