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    Default FIXED Incorrect Obstacles type

    I think I found incorrect Obstacles type in my plant following attached picture
    Moreover I found invisible Obstacles in sometime

    >> IMG_0639.jpg
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    Where is the incorrect obstacle on the picture?

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    Yes, I think that yellow and red tree should not be occurred in my plant.
    I see yellow and red tree should be occurred in red plant.
    this is not critical bug. I only help to report.
    If I miss understand about this, i am sorry.

    Moreover I found invisible Obstacles in sometime.
    However, I did not capture it.

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    Hi there,

    The invisible obstacle is already reported - check the "Read before Posting" thread at the top of this forum.

    As for the incorrect obstacle, I've passed it on.

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    this has been fixed in the latest update. Trees already there will stay but the new ones will grow the correct type.

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