Each and every time we buy defenses (such as minefields or barbed wire), we need to open the shop and click it and then click to place it.

That's 3 clicks per defense, even cheap stuff that's easy to mass-produce and which we must often replace because unlike watchtowers and higher (the damage-inflictors), those 2 are utterly destroyed and can not be repaired.

I would like it if you could make defenses (or at least the 2 cheap barrier kinds) operate like supply drops, where when you click 1, you can just keep clicking on the screen and buying them so long as you are clicking on a suitable place.

In the case of supplies, that's clicking on a drop zone. In the case of mines/barbwire, that would be empty spots on the field that a player has already captured.

Doing this would make the game much less tedious. Players could rapidly spend money and put up a wall of defense, and replace defenses.

In particular, Nordurland is very frustrating. Because of the Crimson Bulldozers which are air-dropped behind our lines, our defenses around important land (the cities) are vulnerable to them.

The only defense I can see is to prevent the air drops by mass-mining every single tile we have captured. But this is very tedious. I'm spending like 10 minutes mining the 3 southern maps I've completely cleared to prevent this.

In the past I might've just left units behind my lines to defend against this, but this isn't possible since we are limited to 4/4/4 units (well you can get extra infantry if you rescue them) so I have to have most of my guys at the front.

Please make it easier to place mines and barbwire quickly by 1 per click instead of needing to go to the shop screen and select it for each and every one. I don't think you really lose anything here, it keeps the game fun and players are probably more likely to use this stuff if it has more incentives.