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    Exclamation Spamming about "free gold" is forbidden!

    Hey all,

    There has been spam going around a lot, claiming to give free Millionaire Gold. It's a scam and the free gold does not exist!

    Gold is only given inside the Millionaire City game.
    It can be bought either with Facebook credits or by earning it by completing the mission in the Millionaire City game or by completing the offers on the 'Add Gold' tab from within the game.

    Gold is never given by anyone outside the game or by someone else than Digital Chocolate.

    So I kindly ask you not to spam the Forums or the fanpage with these scams, since they are a massive waste of time and energy and the creators of these scams might have suspicious ulterior motives.

    We will delete the spam and if you continue to spam, we will block you from the Forums and/or the game.

    Thanks for reading this and considering the other users of Millionaire City Forums and fanpage.


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    I WISH I had seen this before I gave out my information to these people claiming Millionaire City Gold. I have been get calls and calls from insurance quotes! How did they get the Millionaire City info?

    I got scammed

    Also, I recommended a player come to the game and she is still under the referral link and she clicked on Acccept to come into the game. Her name is Lacy Sharpe. Her email address is Lmboosh@yahoo.com. This also happened with another person I brought into the game and did not credit for, Fresno McSwinson; his email address is folmcs@yahoo.com.

    I am going back to delete my posts about the 500. I am so hurt! I can not believe they did it to me!

    Also, Cindy, is there a live talk line? If there is not, I think it would be a good idea. People like me, who are not very internet communication savvy, need to talk to people. Forums, threads, etc. can be very confusing. I have several years of customer service experience over the phone working from home and in the actual retail establishment. Will you promptly respond to this inquiry?

    Thanks in advance!

    Marcia Talbert Polk
    City of Sanhella in Millionaire City!

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